Terms & Conditions


  1. The Hero Campus Challenge Contest (hereinafter referred to as the "Contest") is a value added participation-based contest promoted by HeroMotoCorp Ltd. ("HMC") for voluntary participation by student(s) of leading business school(s) of India (institutions as more specifically defined under Annexure A) (hereinafter referred to as "Participants") who wish to voluntarily participate in "Teams" (as stated under clause 4) by submitting their entries through online participation; in the manner and subject to such terms and conditions as stated herein below.

  2. The Contest is intended to offer an opportunity to the Participants/ students to participate through Teams (defined herein); whereby each Team will be submitting a case study on any one of the topics (from the selective two topics/ theme as provided /mentioned on the Website/registration form) in relation to the business planning/scenario building exercise to project the past, present and future trends in the market and its implication/ impact upon HMC. In other words the Teams of Participants will be required to submit case studies of a scenario/ theme for HMC that will impact HMC and accordingly indicate the manner & planning that HMC should adopt in such a scenario.

  3. It is clarified that participation in the Contest can be done only through a group of students (as a team) which shall comprise of 3 students in each team with a designated team leader for each group (hereinafter each group to be individually referred as "Team"). It is further being clarified that each Team shall comprise of students of the same institution even though the students may be part of different academic programme(s)/ course(s) or even though they may be part of different academic years/ levels/ semester(s) in the said institution/ school/ campus. For E.g. students pursuing different courses and being part of different academic year/ semester in the same institution can constitute a Team, however under no circumstance a Team can be formed without any student/ Participant or students from different colleges/ institution.

  4. Further in order to launch, communicate and publicize the Contest, HMC will be sending emails to the students/ Participants (on their official college ID) and also to the placement committee of each of the institutions. Also HMC will publicize and advertise the Contest by way of putting relevant banners/ posters at the college campus and also sharing information by way of uploading the same on the facebook/ twitter page and official website of HMC. Participants/ students can also download a mobile app specially designed for participation in the Contest.

  5. The Contest is exclusively sponsored and/or administered by HMC and that no third party interest (including that of any business school/ institution etc.) will be created and/or associated under the Contest.

  6. In order to participate in the Contest, each Team through their team leaders or any other team member will have to register themselves on the Website or on the designated mail ID as provided by HMC by way of filling up a registration form. The registration form shall categorically state the name(s) of each team member (along with their respective college mail ID’s) and the concept/ topic for case study selected by the Team. The Teams through their team leaders/ team member will have to duly sign a declaration as provided in the registration form to the effect that participation to the Contest will be strictly in compliance with the terms and conditions as stated herein. Upon receiving the interest and registration form duly filled by the team leaders/ team member(s), HMC will send back a verification link to the official mail ID of each of the Participants/ Team members and the Participants will be required to verify by clicking the verification link provided therein by HMC. It is being clarified that no Team will be permitted to participate unless all the team members/ Participants have completed the registration process in the manner as stated above.

  7. It is further being clarified that a team member/ Participant of a registered Team cannot be a part of any other Team (whether registered or non- registered). In other words there is a restriction upon team members/ Participants to be a part of more than one Team. Further in case upon registration, if any Team fails to submit/ upload or provide their research work/ case study in the manner and within the time period as provided herein, such a Team will be deemed as disqualified or invalid Team for all purposes under this Contest.

  8. After successful registration, Teams can participate in two phases as stated below:-

    1. PHASE I-

      • Eligible Teams will be required to present a theme/ scenario (based upon specific topics) to be achieved by HMC and start research/ planning towards achieving such scenario/ theme. This will be in the form of a word document covering their research work of not more than 12 pages. This should also include an executive summary of not more than 1 page at the beginning of the document. Teams can also support their research document, if they wish, in the form of a power point presentation/video and can upload the same along with the main document.
      • Teams will be required to upload their entries on the Website within four weeks from Contest initiation date. No entry will be entertained or considered upon the expiry of the aforesaid period.
      • HMC (through its independent panel) will announce and declare on the Website the list of Teams who are qualified/ shortlisted for the second phase within 7] working days from the submission of above entries. It is being clarified that a maximum of 8 Teams will be shortlisted/ qualified for the second phase by HMC. However HMC may in its sole discretion increase such number of shortlisted Teams depending upon the number of entries received by HMC. It is further clarified that HMC will not be obligated to inform/communicate the aforesaid eligible Teams directly; instead, the eligible Teams would have to voluntarily check the Website page of HMC in order to know whether their Team has been selected/ shortlisted for the second phase.
    2. PHASE II

      • All the shortlisted Teams will be expected to work/ research on the individual topic/ theme selected by the Team and consolidate their work (along with citations and references) in the form of a comprehensive power point presentation. This activity is to be completed by Teams within a period of 1 week from the date of their announcement/ selection for the second phase on the Website.
      • Upon completion of 1 week period or any other extended period (as decided by HMC), Teams (along with all participating members) will be required to travel to Delhi for a 30 minutes presentation to be presented before the designated jury of HMC. The presentation will be followed by a 10 minutes question and answer session, whereby the jury and or audience may ask questions in relation to the topic/ theme decided by the Team.
  9. For purposes herein, it is clarified that the eligible Teams shall travel in the total strength/ number of group members and only in case of any special/ extraordinary conditions due to which any team member is unable to travel, prior permission and/or approval is required from HMC. The expense for travelling to Delhi (limited to only economy class air or rail ticket) for the team members of selected Teams from the nearest domestic airport/ rail line in India, along with lodging & accommodation cost for [.] days stay at a hotel/ hostel or guest house of the choice of HMC (excluding special services or local transportation) will be borne and paid by HMC. It is clarified that HMC shall not entertain any requests or claims regarding change of dates, flight preference, stay preferences or any other preference with regards the visit of Teams to Delhi. Further the team members of all selected Teams will be required to obtain academic exception/ clearance from the concerned institution/ college for the purpose of travelling to Delhi on specific set of dates (as decided by HMC). Under no circumstance will HMC allow any alternative/substitute team member to participate in the second phase of the Contest.

  10. All the team members of the selected Team(s) shall undertake not to conduct themselves in any manner which may constitute misbehavior, unethical, unprofessional, anti social behavior and/or refrain from using any abusive language etc. with any other selected team members/ Participants, jury and/or audience. In case any conduct and behavior is adjudged to be unsatisfactory, HMC will be within its right to take necessary action against the Participants/ team members including (disqualifying the concerned Team & ask the team members to leave the venue immediately & ask for repayment of the travel expenses then & there to HMC).

  11. It is clarified that once an entry is uploaded / submitted under the Contest, the same cannot be withdrawn by the Teams for whatsoever reasons unless allowed/accepted by HMC.

  • After the completion of the second phase, HMC in its sole and absolute discretion through its independent panel /internal processes will shortlist/ select (4) Teams i.e. 1 (one) Team as the winner, 1st 1 (one) Team as the 1st runner’s up and 2 (two) Teams as the 2nd runner’s up entitled for the prize/ rewards as stated herein below:-

    Winning Team: The winning Team will get total prize money of Rs. 2 lacs (collectively for all the 3 participants) along with Trophy/pre placement interview arranged with HMC.
    1st Runner’s Up Team: The 1st runners up Team will get total prize money of Rs. 1 lacs (collectively for all the 3 participants) along with Trophy
    2nd Runner’s Up Team: The 2nd runners up Team will get prize money of Rs. 50,000/- (collectively for the 3 participants in each Team).

    It is clarified that the respective prize money is the total /collective prize money for the winning Team(s) as a whole and will be proportionately/ equally divided amongst all the team members of the winning Team(s). It is clarified that the aforesaid winner(s) will be announced by the panel on the same day of the conclusion of the second phase. All the winners(s) will be given/ provided dummy cheque(s) of the value stated as aforesaid on the date of the declaration. Such winners will have to subsequently contact HMC representatives/ department in order to collect the actual cheques equivalent to the prize money they have won . In no event shall any Team and/or its Participant be entitled to receive the prize/ reward under this Contest, if the Team members fail to contact HMC or do not provide their respective bank details and PAN no.s to HMC within the stipulated time period of [7] days from the declaration of the results. In such a case the said Team would be deemed to have foregone and/or forfeited its right to the prize/ reward in accordance with the Contest. It is further being clarified that the prize money will be paid in the form of a cheque drawn for the proportionate amount in favour of all the team members of the winning Team(s), subject to necessary TDS deduction. For the purposes herein, each team member of the winning Team will be required to share necessary PAN, account details as required by HMC. It is further being clarified that under no circumstance, HMC will be providing/giving cash or other substitutes instead of the cheque to the winning Team members. Further the pre placement interview (if arranged) with HMC will be as per the convenience, date, timing and place selected by HMC. The mere participation in the interview would not give any Participant an assured chance of being selected/ offered job opportunity by the representatives of HMC and same will purely be based upon merit and academic excellence/ achievement of the Participants. In addition to the aforesaid all participating Teams will receive a participation certificate.

  • It is clarified that the HMC shall be well within its right to contact the Participants to collect their name(s), address, photograph and/or sound recording for whatsoever purposes deemed fit by HMC.

  • All the entries (including any concept, presentation, case study, demo, presentation and/or picturization etc.) created and submitted by the Teams and Participants under the Contest are required and/or deemed to be the original idea/ concept and thought process of the Participants and the Participants shall accordingly be considered/deemed to be the author/creator of such concept, presentation and idea. It is clarified that in no event shall HMC be held liable for any third party intellectual property right infringement for any wrongful and/or unauthorized copying, duplication, reproduction, and plagiarism (if done) by the Participant(s).

  • HMC shall be well within its right to disqualify any Team and/or its Participant for submitting inaccurate, incomplete and inappropriate entries and the decision of HMC in this regard shall be final and binding under the Contest.

  • Teams along with their respective Participants must note that by submitting their entries on the Website they confirm their voluntary participation and also agree to the terms and conditions of the Contest along with the right of HMC to call the Participants with regards the Contest.

  • All entries, (including concept, case study, demo, presentation and/or picturization etc) created/ submitted by the Teams or of the Participants under the Contest will be inherently and perpetually owned and/or licensed to HMC and used for any and all purposes deemed fit by HMC (including its subsidiaries and permitted assigns) in its sole and absolute discretion. Also nothing shall restrict HMC from amending/ modifying any concept, idea and presentation created and submitted by the Teams under the Contest and to use/ apply the same in whatsoever manner. In case HMC requires any additional papers or documents to confirm the aforesaid rights, then the Participants would readily agree to execute such papers upon request by HMC at any point of time even after the Contest Period.

  • Additionally all the Participants and/or Teams would also have granted irrevocable permission and right to HMC for use of their photos, images, likeness, etc for such promotional purposes of the Contest including the usage of pictures, recordings and other audio-visual materials developed / recorded by HMC during the Contest Period. The aforesaid right would be for HMC’s promotional use across various media and the Participants and/or Teams cannot demand any additional compensation for such usage of their photos, images, likeness, etc by HMC during the contest Period or thereafter.

  • The terms of the Contest as regards the irrevocable right of HMC to own and use the submitted material/ entries by the Teams and the prizes/ reward fixed under the Contest; are non-negotiable, non-transferable on the part of the Teams.

  • Under the Contest, mere submission of an entry to the Website, does not entitle any Team the assured chance of winning the reward/ prize money and that each and every entry shall be evaluated by HMC in their sole and exclusive discretion without any explanation whatsoever in this regards.

  • Participation under the Contest is entirely voluntary and there is no compensation or gratification under this Contest other than the chance for winning the reward/prize money in accordance with the terms of the Contest.

  • All the proprietary rights in the entries (including any concept, presentation, case study, demo, presentation and/or picturization, etc.) created/ developed by the Teams shall be regarded as the exclusive property of or exclusively licensed to HMC in all respects and none of the Teams shall ever have any rights whatsoever to claim any ownership or compensation in any manner on the same or on any project/work created by HMC thereafter.

  • HMC shall not verify nor be responsible in case any entry of a Team under the Contest is not received for whatsoever reasons by HMC or contains any erroneous contact details/information. Inability of HMC to contact any shortlisted Team shall not create any obligation and/or liability upon HMC of whatsoever nature.

  • HMC reserves the right to revise or amend any/all the terms of the Contest at its sole discretion without any prior intimation to the Teams and/or the Participants or it may withdraw this Contest at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever, and if it chooses to do so, the Contest will stand cancelled. HMC does not accept any responsibility for any injury or harm or loss or claims incurred by the Teams and/or its Participants on any account whatsoever including during their visit to Delhi for the participation during the Phase II of the Contest 2nd including any claim for compensation, damages, cost etc.

  • If for any reason any aspect of this Contest is not capable of running or the Team is unable to submit their entry, then HMC shall be in right to accordingly cancel, terminate, modify or suspend or invalidate the affected entries.

  • This is a value added promotion by HMC and does not intend to offer any consideration or other promises to the Teams and/or its Participants other than those set forth above.

  • Any dispute, claim or legal action against HMC, its agencies and their respective employees related as a result of this activity will be subject to Delhi jurisdiction exclusively.

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